Amaiah Paradine, BA, MES,
Certified Personal Trainer &
Holistic Health Practitioner
Personal Assistant
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Welcome to Mandala Wellness

Supporting You -- Mind, Body & Spirit!

Do you wish to become fitter, stronger, more flexible or become a better runner or golfer?  Do you know you need to adopt healthier lifestyle habits, but perhaps you're not too sure what to do for exercise, eating well and managing stress or other chronic health issues?  Has your doctor said you must lose weight, but you are uncertain how to proceed -- what to prioritize, what to do and how to stay motivated?

If you would like to map out exactly what you can be doing to improve your immediate fitness and long-term health, read on and call to book an appointment or set-up a free fitness and wellness consultation.  

How We Can Help You ....

* Personal Fitness Training

Expert personal fitness training in your home or outdoors, using simple equipment such as stability balls, kettle bells, and resistance bands.  To get you in shape with more energy to move strongly towards your health, athletic and life goals. 

 * Post-Rehab and Medical Exercise Training

Recovering from an injury or surgery, or dealing with a chronic health condition like diabetes or arthritis, can be difficult, but we make it easy by providing exercise instruction in your home -- which is both effective and convenient!  

* Personal Assistance and Elder Support

We specialize in providing short and targeted exercise sessions in strength, balance and flexibility for elders - to help reduce the risk of falls.  In the same visit, we also offer personal assistance to help with shopping, healthy meal preparation, house-keeping and office organization. 

* Mindfulness and Stress Reduction

Mindfulness is a state of mind where one is focused on non-doing or being, often by following the sensations of the breathMindfulness as a regular practice  helps to reduce chronic stress and anxiety, and has been found especially helpful for those dealing with chronic physical pain.  We teach mindfulness techniques as part of all our fitness programs, based on MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. 

To Book Your Session or a Free Consultation:

e-mail: please e-mail Amaiah with the type of session that you are interested in and two preferred dates and times.

Phone/text: please call or text 250-744-9555. with your details, the type of session you are interested in and two preferred dates and times.